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Turquoise and Pearl Necklace
Product Code Product Description Price
EK2000-0001 Chipped turquoise with randomly placed gold fresh water pearl necklace sending out the message of being unpredictable. Simple to wear from smart wear to evening wear. $79.99 Add To Cart
Weight : 212 gram Larger Image...More
Oyster's Treasure
Product Code Product Description Price
EK2000-0002 This triple strand necklace is made of teardrop moonstone dressed amongst biwa, button and side hole freshwater pearl. A beautiful shell pearl clasp to give it the perfect finish. $94.99 Add To Cart
Length : 10.5" Weight : 164g Larger Image...More
Lady in Black
Product Code Product Description Price
EK2000-0003 This handmade geometric shell pearl necklace is enhanced with donut shaped black glass,ring hematite and chipped agate to give it a good finish. A nice piece to suit any dress. $17.99 Add To Cart
Weight : 41g Larger Image...More
Chinoi slip on Gems
Product Code Product Description Price
EK2000-0004 This handmade triple stringing method necklace is made by using chinoy string passing through cylindrical shaped turquoise, coral and chipped turquoise, coral , side hole freshwater pearl to form a floral effect. Lots of patience and passion has gone into making this beautiful piece of gems. Just slip them on for any occassion. $55.99 Add To Cart
Weight : 132g Larger Image...More
Tibetan Bon Bon Necklace
Product Code Product Description Price
EK2000-0005 Made up of quadro strand tibetan colored bone beads on jewelry wire. $39.99 Add To Cart
Weight : 67g Larger Image...More
Gemstone on velvet
Product Code Product Description Price
EK2000-0006 This simple and delightful long necklace are made up of shell pearl, chrysoprase and unakite semi precious gemstones. Further enhanced with glass, glass pearl and antique metal beads. $35.99 Add To Cart
Weight : 58g Larger Image...More