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Welcome To The Amazing, Timeless World of Beads

Beading Class

Maybe you’ve loved beads for as long as you can remember, as I have. Or perhaps you first noticed beads when a bead store opened nearby or you saw a friend’s bead-embroidered shirt. Once you become aware of beads, you’ll probably notice them everywhere; beautiful beads from all over the globe, of every color and shape, combined in countless styles.

When I first bought my first beads 3 years ago, it cost me RM$2.00 and they were made of plastic. I had to search and ask questions which people are selfish and will not answer. So I learned through the hard way that is through trial and error. When we came back here a year and a half ago, we found that there are not many stores that specialize in beads and beading materials. And if there were they are expensive.

People of all ages are discovering the wonder of beads. Creating a unique, decorative and functional work of art never loses its thrill. Beading does call for time, money and skill, but you have many options. You can spend five ringgit or five hundred on materials. You can spend minutes on a necklace or months on a wall hanging. Even with no experience you can quickly make a gorgeous bead necklace, earrings, ring and the like.

You’ll also discover you can bead inexpensive gifts. You can make bead jewellery; a multicolored strand of seed beads, elaborate bracelet with ethnic beads, or an elegant black choker with a crystal pendant and many more. You can bead cushions, clothes, bags, shoes and many more…. If you can think of it, chances are you can make it with beads.


Bead stringing is a great place for a new beader to start. You’ll have the fun of combining different bead shapes and colors without worrying about complicated techniques. And that’s what beading is all about; choosing from an amazing assortment of beads to find a combination that’s right for you. Bead stringing rewards your efforts instantly. In minutes you can make a gorgeous necklace, choker or bracelet and wear it right away.

Stringing beads, the first method of combining beads are invented has remained popular through a 30,000 evolution in beading techniques. Most people learn to string beads as children, often with big, brightly colored plastic beads that pop together. Stringing, despite its simplicity, has produced some of the most stunning jewellery ever made.

Earring must be among the most popular jewellery of all time. Today they’re as fashionable as ever. You can make beaded earrings that are simple, elegant or funky, in delicate metal tones or riot of color. Whatever your style, earrings can express it. You don’t even have to pierce your ears; earring findings are available for pierced and unpierced ears.

Beaded earrings are fast, easy and inexpensive to create. They can be make through stringing or wire methods. They make great gifts, and a few pairs of earrings can help you feel as though you have a whole wardrobe. You can create unique designs.

We take you to begin with an easy-and inexpensive-bead string / wire projects today. Enjoy!!