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Frequently Asked Questions


What are Swarovski and Cubic Zirconia Crystals?

As you can probably tell, we here at Ekiingbeads are very fond of Cubic Zirconia and Swarovski Crystals which are both used extensively in our Ready Made Jewelry. Cubic Zirconia is a very hard and shiny substitute for Diamonds. During recent years being a synthetic gemstone it has become available in a variety of colors making it very desirable in modern jewelry. We use it extensively and think it is a gorgeous gem in its own right.

Swarovski Crystals are also used extensively throughout our designs as well. Swarovski is highly regarded for producing some of the finest crystals in the market today. They are renown for their brilliance and reflective qualities as well as extremely high purity with little or no imperfections.They are also a synthetic crystal produced in Austria in a process perfected by Daniel Swarovski.

What are Cloisonne Beads?

Cloisonne Beads are handmade beads from China that have a mosaic look. The technique of Cloisonne enameling is to first attach a fine metal wire (usually brass or copper) to the copper bead in a pattern designed by the coppersmith. These wires are attached by solder. The gaps between the wires are then filled using different colored enamel paste. This results in the bead taking on a type of stained glass look.

During the firing process the enamel contracts. Each bead has more enamel paste added to fill any small gaps that may be left and fired again. This is a slow process and the bead starts to take on an uneven look. Once all the gaps are filled, the bead is polished and the exposed brass wire which makes up the pattern is gold plated. The result is a beautiful decorative bead with each one slightly different from the other.

See our Cloisonne Beads.

See our Cloisonne Rosaries

How do we open a magnetic clasp?

We find our customers prefer to be able to change their jewelry quickly and easily. With this in mind we have added a magnetic clasp to some of our fine collection.

Contrary to the popular belief of just pulling them apart,the preferred way of undoing the clasp on your Ekiing piece is by simply peeling them apart by grabbing either side of the magnet and not the cord which joins the magnet.

Is what I see,what I get?

Product images that are featured on this site may have altered to fit the web page that you are viewing. We do reduce and enlarge photos in order to have them display correctly on the web. We also attempt to the best of our ability to display every product as close to its true colour as possible. This is always a difficult task with many different computer monitors and displays viewing our site. As a result there may be slight variations as depicted on this site and the actual product.

Where possible we have provided details on the approximate size and shape of our products. Some beads are hand made and small inconsistencies will occur.