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Rainforest 10th Anniversary World Music Festival

Rainforest Festival

For more information about the Rainforest 10th Anniversary World Music Festival, please click on this link .


Our Rainforest collection


Our article in "Happenings in Sarawak"


DRIFT WOOD which are carved into dolphin, hearts, crosses, dc logo and so forth originate from driftwood found in the rivers of sarawak. the wood has turned dark/black due to it’s contact with water for at least 50 years.

BELIAN SHINGLES – crafted from leftovers of the building industry. these pieces are salvaged from sites and recycled into masterpieces. through great skills of art, beautiful jewelries are made via enhancement and combination of a variety of beads and stones

**every item is recycled to educate the public on how woodwaste can be converted into value added works of art.

**wood especially belian is depleting from the forest. old belian pieces of hundred years old are rare. it’s texture is carved by nature and we at ek are trying our best to conserve it’s originality.

**we want customers to be able to feel the wood in it’s natural state so as to enable the person to be at ease with nature and with the creator.

**it has always been our aim to remain environmentally friendly, loving our depleting resources and loving wood and history.


(items to be exhibited include key chain, baglet, car accessory, coaster, jewelry boxes, assorted necklaces, earrings and bracelet made from wood)

HANDICRAFT assorted jewelries made from a combination of russian, austrian, czechoslovakian, brazilian, venetian crystals, wood, freshwater pearls, acrylic and so forth link via wires. (wires ranges from rhodium, silver, copper, bronze, gold coated wire (at an economical range) or 925 silver & 14k gold plated.

HANDMADE -charm/single strand keychain, baglet, rosaries, car accessories and so forth made from cherry, olive, ebony/black, medium brown, light brown wood will also be exhibited.

COLLECTION RANGES -from children, french, african, oriental and sarawak antique beads.

LATEST RANGE – include toe anklet will also be exhibited. they are made from coconut shell, wood and others.

OTHERS - include assorted inspirational, glass, acrylic, crystals, semi precious, stones, findings and items used for making jewelry will be exhibited.

**this jewelry making and assembling exhibitions will help to portray an image that sarawakians are progressing and moving towards to making sarawak a major tourism/commercialized place for trading in the not too far future and whereby foreigners/ locals can find creativity through nature with the work of art**